Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wow it's been a long time since I've posted a damned thing.

taking a long walk:

miss marbles and sabertooth:

some recent art in my studio:

a poem:
The words I worded to you,
Two days ago,
According my ebb's flow,
Forsook all pleasantries,
To deal one mighty blow.

For years it took to come to this,
Since two moments after we had kissed,
Turned into damnable bliss,
And it can be no more.

When love is made it is two strong,
Two weak, two proud, and suddenly too far gone,
To be able to be pulled along,
When one of the partners is unwilling.

When I told you that we were done,
And the last syllable came off my tongue,
I knew that I had not won,
But a fool knows not his fate 'til the end.

And now I wait until it's not us.

I stand on the corner of my block,
Watching every bus pass by,
My eyes and passengers depart at the stop.

To work, to play, to live,
They step down and let go of what they must,
Be it a handrail on the vehicle,
Or a scheduled unveiling,
Like me, like us.

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