Friday, March 21, 2008

My little piece of the world

Since I've been home, I went on a photo hunt of the Southern Jersey Pine Barrens area on my way down to Strathmere, NJ. I also took a visit to Philadelphia to walk around, check out an apartment, and do a school assignment. Here are some pics from that.

Cool old shack that was connected to others like it. I wonder if this was a type of quasi-strip mall before it fell into disrepair.

(Polaroid Spectra Photo) I pulled off the road after seeing an old barn which had been destroyed in a fire. These were some of the remnants inside.

Piney trailer in the middle of nowhere.

(Polaroid Spectra Photo)This is where a railroad ends.

The north end of Strathmere beach. The land in the distance is part of Ocean City, NJ.

A building that is doing a poor job of trying to hide. At least it's trying though.

It was a really windy day. Some people walked, while others attempted to fly.

The entrance to Space1026, an artist collective in Philly. The exhibition inside was great, but I didn't take any pictures as you should really go see it for yourself.

(Polaroid Spectra Photo)The wall of a building with the imprint of a house that must have once stood next to it. I love when this happens.

Seven Eleven and God. Both keep the same hours of operation.

La Colombe Torrefaction is, hands down, my favorite coffee place ever. I've been visiting there since I first started coming to Philly in my early teens.

If you come there with me, it may be the only time you ever see me drink my coffee anything but black.

(Polaroid Spectra Photo)Homeless man warming himself on a heating grate, while holding a Polaroid Spectra Photo that I took of him seconds before. I wonder when was the last time, before this, that he has seen himself in a photograph.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back from the hospital

I just got back from the hospital where I had the cyst on my wrist excised. Turns out, probably because over the past two years I had been using the method of slamming it with heavy books in an attempt to get rid of it, that there were two cysts. One had grown on top of the other. Now I have this sweet brace:

and I am indulging in my guilty pleasure of Jerry Springer on daytime television:

Thank God I don't have TV up at school :).

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Two works of mine, the sound piece "9,192,631,770" and the appropriated and manipulated MSDOS executable "The Jungle", are included in the online LABOR [ETHEREAL] Exhibition. The show's theme is "a collection of art works acknowledging the notion of learning through repetitive action." Thirteen other artists are included in this exhibition and the works offer interesting (and sometimes differing) insights. Some of the initial bugs and typos are still being worked out, but everything is pretty stable at the moment. Much thanks to J.D. McPherson for taking the time to put this together. Click on the image below to link to the website.