Thursday, November 5, 2009

Finished Product

Title: "The Danger in Nature (Watching Growth, The Broken Umbrella, Hanging in There)"
Size: Triptych, Each Panel: 4' Tall x 3' Wide, Overall: 4' Tall x 9' Wide
Medium: Cyanotypes on Canvas

Monday, November 2, 2009

It's great being in the same town as E-Train!

Toronto, Finally

An image from Robert Hengeveld's installation at the UpArt Exhibition, which was housed in the old Gladstone Hotel in the hip west end of Toronto's downtown:

Images from The Leona Drive Project, which was an amazing installation out in the suburbs of Toronto:

Shots from the Toronto Art Fair, which had some really neat art, as well as some decorative shit. Oh well, they occupy different places on the spectrum of making and I guess the latter has a valid purpose:

Above is Allison Schulnik's painting from Mike Weiss gallery^. I love her work.

This is our waitress from a great pub, called the "Imperial Pub". This is the only place I've had 'poutine' (french fries covered with brown gravy and cheese curds) and it is amazing. Also, the bar dog named "MoMo":

Some shots on the go:

Zombies congregating in a park before Toronto's annual Zombie Walk^. It's hard to see, but this zombie's jacket said "Punk is Dead" on the back.

This is looking up at the Ontario College of Art^. It was an amazing building.

A little jazz club we found^.