Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's late.

There's something very kind to it,
Streets stretching to boundaries,
Whose breaking points I know not.
Cars crawling through intersections,
Pulling themselves,
Intersecting with one another,
As in a rehearsed script.
The traffic lights change at their own whim,
green to red to yellow.
Two people ambling at their leisure.
The danger of this place I know I exaggerate,
Their backs' expressions a matter of posture and gait.
There's something very kind to it,
This place in which I live.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New York Weekend

For my last weekend of totally job-free freedom I dropped pretty much my last dollar bills on a trip to NYC. It was an awesome time and I got to hang out with and see a lot of great people. Here are some photos:

The above photo comes courtesy of D. Bennett.

Pink Type and Dogboy split a set, which was awesome.

The above photo comes courtesy of M. Bennett.

The band pictured above is Kill and Eat from Indiana. The only thing that sucked was that their set was a bit more impressive than their album that I purchased, but whatever.

The Silent (and somewhat photo-anxious) Barn

1PM, Monday