Friday, April 18, 2008

Today in Philly

Rail to Tioga Street stop (my new home as of June 1st):

My Room:

The Loft:

I went to La Colombe Torrefaction again (this time I treated myself to the newest copy of COLORS magazine) and had an iced coffee and almond tart:

Then I went to Rittenhouse Square Park, which was packed with the young beautiful and those who like to look at them:

A homeless guy tried to blend in. Good visual metaphor I think:

And here is the Delaware:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Downstairs Kids, Today, Present, and Jackie's Third Leg

But FIRST! Elaine:


Downstairs Kids:


What two of the guys downstairs did to our plot of dirt and refuse out front. It makes it feel like spring\summer time.

Early Morning Library





Jackie's Third Leg:

Monday, April 14, 2008


Went into New York yesterday for a historic eating tour of the Lower East Side run by Big Onion tours. I got this woman Megan for a tour guide. She was about to receive her doctorate for her research into the public health of historical immigrant populations in New York City. She was pretty good with all the talking and pointing, and she never seemed to become overwhelmed, which I find amazing as New York overwhelms me pretty quickly. We learned about German, Irish, Italian, Jewish, and Dominican populations. After the tour, my sweet tooth led me to stumble upon this place called Rice to Riches. It is a dessert place that specializes in Rice Pudding and has all the consumer cliche signs up around the store like, "Anti-Anti-Carbs" and "I'll diet when there's none left". Besides that stuff, which I find vaguely over the top, the rice pudding was amazing and it comes in these great reusable plastic containers with a sort of stick\spoon thing. If you ever find yourself at 37 Spring Street
between Mott and Mulberry St, I'd recommend you pick up some Pecan Pie Rice Pudding.