Saturday, October 4, 2008

Best of the Best Polaroids

Will be, and are currently are, posted here:

photos from today

I was impatient enough not to wait until my new film was delivered. I bought a ten pack downtown and spent three or four hours walking around my new neighborhood and the blockparty I stumbled upon in Center City. It was a good day. I'm spending the night in because last night was a bit too rough on me. Here's what I saw.

Philadelphia painter and teacher, Kerry Dunn, works not too far from my place:

had the light been better, this would have been the best photo of the mix:

Friday, October 3, 2008

I need a lover with soul power

Tonight was more exciting than usual. I am completely moved into my new space as of three days ago, so I feel as if I have a good home-base around which to move in the Philadelphia art scene. I met some really wonderful people this evening, hopefully got some new portrait sitters, and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Ted Mosher had a solo exhibit at the artist co-op gallery, Highwire. His work was really varied as far as painterly. It was conceptually sound, and I like that he affected different voices with the same brush. His installation in the back room was a rewarding contrast and complement to his painting. He was at the gallery and gave me some nice info not only about himself, but also about the Fishtown area since he had been there.

I took a trip to the opening of Goldfish Gallery tonight. This isn't a normal opening, as it was the gallery's first opening as a new hotspot in Fishtown. I must say that it was a wonderful experience. The owner was delightful, and the work was worlds ahead of anything to be found in the fuckfest that is Old City's First Friday. The space is great as well, and currently ties Jenny Jaskey as my favorite gallery in Philadelphia.

The untitled wood sculpture in the low right of the photo above is that of Robert Aiosa. I hate to say\do this, but I think my love of Louise Nevelson imbues this with a similar affection. While it only contains the latter's character at specific angles, the use of bold shapes in space commands the same kind of presence.

While ceramicists flourish in Philadelphia, I am still surprised by a handful's work. I feel like Philadelphia is an environment where if you don't try you won't survive. Below are the ceramics of Justin MacDonald.

Schuyler Blanchard's clever sculpture in alabaster. It is difficult to discern from this angle, but the "maker" is teaching\training\performing a hound like creature with the use of a simulacrum of itself:

Irene Sfakianos, owner & curator of Goldfish Gallery, standing in front of one of her paintings:

Beautiful outdoor sculpture possibly organized by PositiveSpace:

Bambi Gallery's "Pretty Pretty" Exhibition Opening:

(above) Gail Cunningham (below) her work.
I really liked her use of chairs in her cutouts. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a chronic collector of interesting chairs. While I spoke with her, we bonded concerning our interest with the latter. No glue needed.

Below is a shit shot of Anna Tas' work. The series was of suicidal doll-sized stuffed rabbits. I usually wouldn't be interested in such a cartoonish subject, but some of the photos were so good, that I can't help but mention her.

As I stood outside the Ed Ruscha exhibit at the Fabric Workshop and Museum I met some lovely blurry people.

While meeting these people, a woman, who addressed herself as the "head of Tyler's (Temple's) Photography Department", refused to take one of my polaroids that I use as business cards. She patronizingly told me she couldn't take such a "lovely photo". The photo was shit and she didn't take the time to even view it. The old crow looked the part, but after checking Tyler's website, it seems as if she isn't part of the faculty. I've performed other people before, so I can't blame her for doing the same. But for god's sake, if I were in a similar position I would just take the photo and shut the hell up. Manners still exist, right?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Up Up and Awaydate

Eyeball Art =
Allison Schulnik:

Hans Accola:

Adrian Ghenie:

Ear Art:
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
King Khan & The Shrines
The Pierces
Harvey Milk (even though I hate the fact that in some way they are trying to profit off of the soul of the late, the great, Harvey Milk)

Tongue Art:
Taco Bell
Eggs (because they're very cheap meals)

Nose Art:
Shoofly Pie (that those damn Mennonites on Fairmount Ave got me hooked on)
Best-Test Paper Cement (I've been doing alot of gluing)

Touch Art:
EVERYTHING!!! Stop touching the art!!!

Just to let you know what's on my mind....


Work in Progress.