Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Up Up and Awaydate

Eyeball Art =
Allison Schulnik:

Hans Accola:

Adrian Ghenie:

Ear Art:
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
King Khan & The Shrines
The Pierces
Harvey Milk (even though I hate the fact that in some way they are trying to profit off of the soul of the late, the great, Harvey Milk)

Tongue Art:
Taco Bell
Eggs (because they're very cheap meals)

Nose Art:
Shoofly Pie (that those damn Mennonites on Fairmount Ave got me hooked on)
Best-Test Paper Cement (I've been doing alot of gluing)

Touch Art:
EVERYTHING!!! Stop touching the art!!!

Just to let you know what's on my mind....

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