Tuesday, May 19, 2009

me article me

check out the link righ'ere.


Anonymous said...

fucking amazing. we miss you.
<3 l & m

Lesley said...


My name is Lesley-a writer/teacher in Oakland. Read the Times piece. Very impressive work. Keep it up.

David said...

You're probably already inundated with folks contacting you after the great article and video in the Times today. I will be teaching an art ed class at a University in the fall and am interested in possibly showing the video but would like your permission first.
You may contact me at: Website:


chloe pink said...

Alexander. Just saw the Times piece. I'm a 48 year old struggling artist--struggling with whether to pursue my art--or worry about $$$. Thanks for the inspiration. I like your bread idea. Stay true to yourself. fulton

sbergus said...

Nice article Alex, now you can add "documented starving artist" to your resume.

I've been thinking about coming and visiting some time late summer/ early fall, let me know if this is something you might be interested in, or if you're now a big time artist and have no time for anyone.

barbara said...

hey a,

so cool to see that you are following your dreams. the world needs more people like who do things because they love them, and not because of greed. you're an inspiration!


Houndstooth said...

You say you're an artist, I think you're also a storyteller, a great one. The Times piece made me smile and think, two things which don't often happen simultaneously these days, but we would all do well to look for more opportunities.

Charlie said...

congrats man. i was reminded of this fellow when i watched your video [which my dad kindly linked me to]:

additionally this site might be useful to you: