Friday, January 2, 2009

king me.

"15 Missed Connections", Acetone Transfers and 'T' pins, 3feet Tall x 3feet & 10inches Wide

I've been a fan of reading the "missed connections" on Philadelphia's craigslist for a while. The majority of them give details about a time and place an interaction occurred, and vague information regarding who was involved. However, some talk of lost loves or forbidden desires that only the anonymous context of craigslist could elicit from their authors. I searched for these on several occasions and using my computer removed all the information but the text of the post. These texts were then transferred onto pieces of 9"x12" Bristol Vellum using acetone, and mounted directly on the wall using 'T' pins.
Viewing them outside of craigslist, the text seems a stronger declaration and more meditative. Often melancholy and a bit melodramatic, they offer insight into how people might act or speak without social norms to regulate their behavior.
I chose to use 'T' pins as I remembered having used them only once before, for dissections in high-school biology classes. I thought this setting offered an appropriate metaphoric context in which to use them again.

Totally unrelated to the above, Blonde Eagles recommended Paul Beribeau's music to me. It rocks. Check out "Ten Things". I can't stop listening to it.

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The Caellian said...

hey a-con, this is kate barbour. i can't figure out how to become a fan/friend of your page? i've created one for the revived caellian @ douglass. also, t-pins give a real air of authority to the craigslist bidnass.