Thursday, October 30, 2008


Nights like the last don't come along very often.

The city went wild when the Phillies won the World Series. I went straight to The Institute after work and got to enjoy and participate in the orgasmic explosion of pent up anxiety that happened in the top of the ninth.

Some of the people in the pictures above and I became friendly, and this is when the night really started. I ended up traveling with them out into far reaches of Philadelphia and did a photo shoot.

After this, we took another ride to a house-party hosted by one of the guys I had met earlier. It was a lot of fun and I got even more intoxicated as well. I'm pretty sure that at about the time we got there it was 1 or 2 in the morning.

And then things got weird...
Like always when I get drunk, I think wandering is a good idea. Not knowing where I was or how to get home, I figured that I should try to walk home. After going through my memories today, I realize now that I was up in Mayfair, about 8.6 miles from my house.
I started to travel by following train tracks for a mile or two. I knew that the trains would run into Center City, and figured that this was the best way to travel for the time being. I walked through brush and had to climb up hills. On more than one occasion I had to walk with my phone in hand, and the number 911 on autodial, just in case something happened as I went under an overpass. I tried to climb over the fence that separated the train tracks and the road above a number of times, but was unable to get up and over. Today my hands are cut up and in pretty bad shape.
I finally got to a spot where the fence ended and was able to make it to the road. I got up and realized it was 95. After walking it south for another mile or so, and trying to hitch a ride into the city, two state troopers pulled over and threw me in the back of one of their cars. After telling me it was illegal to walk the interstate and that there were a lot of drunk drivers out tonight, the one I was with became pretty cool. I didn't give them any bullshit and told them about the whole night prior. They were nice enough to give me a ride to 2nd and Spring Garden, and even joked around for a couple minutes when we got there.
On my walk back from where they dropped me I got a Scrapple, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich, which was AWESOME. I made it back to my house at about 6:30 and fell fast asleep until 1pm.
I woke up with one of the most killer hangovers that I've ever had the privilege of having. I had to reconstruct the prior nights events and clean up all the messes I made when I came in. I spent the day falling in and out of consciousness and took a nap this evening. I'm going to go to bed in about an hour, because I am still drained. I was completely unproductive besides this post today. Tomorrow I gotta get shit done.

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