Friday, August 15, 2008

Four Polaroids

I woke up this morning and had taco bell scribbled on my hand. Therefore, I went there. I ate way too much and don't feel good, but it was worth it because I got a sweet Polaroid of the TB drivethru window. Each shot below was done with Polaroid 669 Film. I'm loading up my camera with Fuji FP-100C.

So I took a break while posting and went for a bike ride to Bambi Galleryand that whole area of town. I left a smartass comment in their guestbook and got interviewed by some lady for a story on KYW1060 about art and the area. I didn't shoot anything with my new film, but I did get the stinkeye from some crackies hitting a pipe at a half-destroyed basketball court.

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jurassic_p said...

third picture with the flowers is beauuuutiful.