Friday, June 27, 2008

Last Night at Fuel Collection

Last night at the Fuel Collection (3rd and Arch) there were three shows going on simultaneously. The first was downstairs and entitled, "Style of Consequence". This included works by the painter Theresa Pfarr who did self-portraits, which even though they became slightly predictable while walking around, were still quite stunning. Her brushwork was top-notch. Valerie Garlick had a great piece down there called, "Girls Like Me". It was a mashup of 600 myspace images of punk\indie\goth chicks playing in a slideshow. Simple concept, but the pictures spanned the range of emotive qualities from pity to hilarity.
On the second floor were two exhibits. The first was "Music To My Eyes", a mish-mash of New Media exploring music as its cornerstone. The second was the "Blue Moon Art Show". This was a commercially funded exhibition of work that was all over the place. Lots of different mediums, but decidedly one-sided. I would have liked to have seen a car crash victim holding a Blue Moon bottle in their now not-completely-severed-tendon-attached hand. Maybe not that dramatic, but at least something a little more subversive than what they had.
Anyway, the show (and the night) was funded by Blue Moon, and they had free beer on draught and amazing little hors d'oeuvres from a local catering company. What follows are just some photos from the event. Digital and Polaroid Spectra.

People starting to enter around 7:30...

It's on.

Did I mention the whole affair was fancy as hell?

A brush of artists.

I'm caught taking the photo, and she's caught striking a pose. I was glad to be me in this situation.

A woman opening up to someone else.

Another bird's eye shot.

It was announced that "Kingston" had won the Blue Moon art competition at which point he and his friends promptly freaked the fuck out.

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