Sunday, June 1, 2008

10 Things I've Been Made Aware of Since Moving to Philadelphia

1) People yelling "help" on the subway platform doesn't necessarily make people come to their rescue.
2) Prostitutes pee on sidewalks with little concern for surroundings.
3) Autumn Tumbler Hens (commonly known as pigeons) do not always make it out of coitus before going 'SPLAT!' on the sidewalk. (survival of the fittest)
4) The gallery scene is dead but people compensate by making their own ingenious gallery scene.
5) It is possible to shoot an AK-47 from a second floor window into the street. (I witnessed my next-door neighbors entertain themselves with this last night)
6) Returning college students and high school students take all the low-income, low-effort, low-knowledge base jobs very quickly.
7) The subway is much more efficient than I thought it would be for having to get to Center City quickly.
8) The weather is the same as Jersey weather.
9) If you approach someone kindly for directions they will more often than not give you correct ones.
10) Every artist is upset that their work isn't selling and thinks moving to Brooklyn might be a good long-term strategy. (Yeah...)

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