Friday, March 28, 2008

Woke up petarded

Wow. This morning I woke up with... quite a headache.
Things I can remember from last night:
- The MFA show was interesting. There was a lot of abstract painting. The colors duke. The colors.
- There I got into a really good conversation about my mail art with Warren, Allison, Eli, and someone else. I don't talk about it much so it's nice to do.
- A group of us went to Charlotte's house. Her flat is lovely, her family is delightful, and she, like always, is 100% class.
- Told Jowel (I am not sure the spelling of her name) about my future Philly apartment. She and her boyfriend Nathan went down there looking for a space as well.
- Got into a conversation with Hasan, who, despite all reason, maintains a sense of reality that permeates drunk conversations. Too bad.
- Listened to the spanish of revolutionaries camped out in Charlotte's living room. There is something so passionate about how people communicate in Spanish.
- Got two slices of TaTa's pizza on the walk back home with LNY.

I think those are the highlights. It was a very nice night.

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