Sunday, February 17, 2008

A few things from this week...

I stretched Karl:

I started a new piece (shitty photo, skewed and resized, etc.):

I organized my desk into a workslashart space. Algebra gets dual priority:

Other than that, I've spent quite a long time at the gallery this week, preparing for a new show. I'm questioning that piece, "The Bubble Burst", at the moment and have removed quite a few elements from it. I'm looking for new exhibition opportunities as well. I have work Wednesday-Saturday this week, but I'm looking to go up for openings next week. Oh yeah, school is progressing alright. I'm not crazy about my "American Unions in Politics" class, but love my "Contemporary Jewish Ethnography" one. The rest, "Visual Sociology", "Political Sociology", and "Economic Sociology" all fall somewhere in the middle. RIght now I am sitting in my friend's living room watching "Cape Fear", which is an awesome film.

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