Monday, February 25, 2008

Blankets from the Floor

Okay, here is an update on life. Classes are going... some better than others. I get my second midterm back tomorrow. That's exciting. Life is chugging along. I was talking with Mercy tonight about how good of an education we think we got at Rutgers. We both concluded that it was decent, but only because we worked to find good professors and concentrate in areas of interest within our majors. She's traveling on into the world of Academia towards a P.H.D., while I am planning on moving to Philadelphia and workinh in the arts. If you know anyone in the city of Philadelphia looking for a full time Gallery Assistant, (listen, I'll take part time if you offer) who has previous experience in that field, let me know. No handouts please, I'll offer a $50 finders fee (that's a lie). As far as work, Karl is waiting to get a crocheted frame on him, but I have to wait until I make a little money and can afford nice yarn like this stuff here:

or hopefullybutprobablynot:

That "Bubble Burst" piece has changed into:

On another note, Pilgrim came home today:

ROMANBLOG just posted about Jackie Saccoccio and I really dig her work:

But then again I really enjoy the work of:

Howard Hodgkin ("The Sky's the Limit")
so I guess there's some connection there... perhaps...

Here is the new notreallynewbutnewtoyou Tin Kitchen screen:

That's it. Rien Rein.

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